January 4 Construction Update

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Sully-Miller will:

  • Place sidewalk concrete.
  • Place Lean Concrete Base below C&G.
  • C&G Subgrade Compaction and Sidewalk Subgrade Compaction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please pay close attention for deviations in delineation of the traffic control. Obey flagmen as noted in the above-stated area as it will change on a daily basis during the week. Speed limits will remain lowered at 30 mph and is strictly enforced. Tickets are doubled in construction zones. A detour to Sheila on the south is highly suggested from Fidelia Ave to Eastern Ave. This work is only tentative and can change on a very short notice the day of the work.

Disclaimer: All work is tentative and should be verified prior to use.

For questions, information and updates:
Visit project website: www.washingtonblvdcommerce.com
E-mail: info@washingtonblvdcommerce.com
Call Project Hot Line: (888) 705-4009 (toll free)

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